This is where we started


A Design and Print company with experience you can trust. 


COSTUMICE DESIGN is an experienced graphic design agency with over 12 years in the industry. During this time, we have completed over hundreds of jobs for our clients, all with complete satisfaction. As a design agency, we truly understand the importance of getting the artwork printed as perfect as possible. We experience the pain ourselves, dealing with various printers are sometimes painful experience. 

We therefore venture to provide printing services to all our customers. We hope that with our service, our client will be able to experience seamless experience from having their artwork design and print, all within one stop.

We further develop this website, to enable our customers to enjoy better experience:


  1.    No more hassle of dealing with designers - Free to choose from pre-loaded ready template to create your design. 
  2.    Unlimited time of changing design - designing, change of design, preview. Before proceed to print.
  3.    No printing error - No more printing error due to human handling error.
  4.    Transparent pricing model – What you see is what you need to pay. No hidden cost.
  5.    Fast Delivery – Get your printing product as fast as 3 working days. Better still, deliver to your preferred delivery address.