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    Please include as many details as possible. The more detail you provide, the faster we can revert with the design. You may like to include for example styles, images, colors, fonts and technical specifications. Be concise and use bullets to make it simple for us to understand.

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    This will give the designer an idea of what to avoid from the beginning.


    Please let us know if you would like to use specific colors. For example, do you have your corporate colour code in CMYK? This will enable us to integrate your colour code into the design. Or please let us know is there any colour that we should avoid.

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    Upload any files that we would need including your logo (preferably in Adobe Illustrator format), photos, brand guide, fonts, and any other documents.

    Share all your files through Cloud Storage (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Box etc) and paste the link below. Please make sure you give full access permission to that link.

    Please read the following points:

    1. The design service does not include the creation and editing of vector graphics.

    2. Creation, changes or editing of logo is NOT included in this design service.

    3. The design service does not include the creation and revision of text. The content must be furnished by customer. Content should be sent in one of the following formats: Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. WE DO NOT ACCEPT content in picture format.

    4. If you want us to use specific graphics, you have to provide us with the relevant graphics. We will not be responsible for copyright issue because we will assume you have the legal right to use that graphic.

    5. Please do not attach the graphic in the Microsoft file. For avoidance of doubt, image resolution must be 300dpi minimum. We will not be responsible if the image is blur.

    6. This service does not include picture editing.

    7. Original artwork remain the property of Costumice Design Pte Ltd unless artwork provided by client team (with no amendments) in soft copy or full payment received for design service. In the case of using our ready made template, unless customer paid for the template, the soft copy of the design files WILL NOT be provided to customers.

    8. Company logos should be uploaded in Ai (Adobe Illustrator) format or high resolution picture (300 dpi and above).

    9. If you have any reference file, or any inspiration file that can help the designer in the creative process, please send it together with your order number to

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    +65 8833 1699

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